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: O) I don't want to play with the feeling and I want to be honest with you in everything... Judging by your letters, i feel that you are a man who is very strong, who is very caring, but dear i think that you also need care, love, protection. and him wife always need to cook for a tasty supper. It probably rumpled baked in an oven together with potato MMMMMM it's very tasty. and i do hope that you will also never play with my feelings and will always be honest with me. i think that even the strongest man in the world needs support, care, understanding, confidence that behind him is reliable person and of course love! I have understood that it's all for the sake of what it's necessary to live. I at once have presented myself leaving of hospital and holding in the hands this defenceless creation, this charm. H_H you can make something such mad and unexpected? I want to end this part of my life and start a new one with someone to be there with me to make this journey together, not behind me, or in front of me, but beside me sharing in everything as equals. It is one thing to say it and quite another to show it. I am too, in search of that one special person to complete my life. I would better say a bit of bitter truth, but that will be the truth, than I would not be lying. So, yesterday, my friend and I went to the cafe in the center of our city after the theatre, and we were sitting there for hours, first discussing the play, than the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet, than I told her about you and she was really impressed to hear about you… And she said me that she will be very happy if everything will work out between you and me. That is because it will bring me the new letter from you! As only in the real meeting, people are able to see what is in the eyes of the person… I have been passing through it so long time, but I never noticed it, because I never needed it. Without it nobody will be allowed to leave the country. Yours sad and disappointed Tanya --11-- hello my honey, my dear xxx! i am so much in love with you that each day without you is like eternity for me! I don’t want to play any games; I think that playing with other person’s feelings is the most awful thing... But to tell you the truth, I like play of the actors on the scene, but not in life! So, Galya, the short form of her name, asked me about you and I was telling her and telling about you! as for me, I believe that it will be really great to meet you, to look into your eyes, to see the smile on your face. I have always believed that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Because we can keep sending each other letters for hundreds of years, but we need to make steps in order to meet. But today I was so hesitating, I wanted to come in and ask them about what it is gonna take me to come to you.. But before the passport, I should go to the police office and ask them to make a police report, that costs 42$ and will be done in one day. i am here sitting in the Internet cafe and writing this letter to you. as for me, i do think that passion should be every day, it should keep rolling, it should be with couple even if they are not the first year together. i think that the fire of love should be burning during the relationship, and both should do everything to make it stronger and brighter! i think that even the strongest man in the world needs support, care, understanding, confidence that behind him is reliable person and of course love! the emotions your letters are giving me can not be compared with any other emotions. I am sorry but my time in the internet cafe is coming to an end, that is why i have to say good bye to you!!! i think that all these things make man really strong. As for me, I am very happy that life gave me a chance to know you better. As for me, I have never been taking anything for granted.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. On web site acquaintances I have specified other country. Internet- such a small world, where more and more people seem to find the one and only. as for me, i also have one more simple dream- i wanna be sitting next to my beloved man on the sofa, cuddling each other and watching TV, drinking wine and eating chocolate- that is my dream! it's really a great pleasure to know you better and better... when i am in good mood i listen to catchy and dynamic music, and when I feel not very well, when my heart is aching, or I feel lonely, I listen to tearjecking and romantic music... One of last films which I have looked it " Sleepless in Seattle ". From adventure films it " Pirates of the Caribbean ". but i can tell you that i will be with you again soon! i think that every person has his/her weak points, do you have some weak points??? Sorry to part with you but I do not have any other way, because my time is over and I need to leave. Tanya --10-- Hello, my dear xxx Thanks a lot for your letter. When I was running to the internet cafe today I knew that there is a letter from you waiting for me… And I am always thankful to God for everything that is going on in my life and I am very thankful for you. Because you are my half and I want you to know this! I can not think about anything but seeing you in real life. As for me, I am sorry about it, but today I was seduced… Dear xxx as for me I haven't had a lot of relationships in my life and my goal isn't to collect a lot of man, but it’s just to find one, real man, the only one for me. I feel that you have to always show the person, that you are with, that you are thinking of him/her. So I will be waiting for tomorrow impatiently, you know why? As for me, I believe that our common life will be successful, because we both know what we want from life, we will be able to have a healthy family relations based on trust, love and devotion. As for me i am sure that thousands of letters will never substitute one meeting. I was going to the i-net cafe and there was a travel agency on my way… A very friendly lady met me and she asked me what I wanna ask them… so she kindly explained me everything that in order to come to meet you over there, I need to have an international passport, that costs 378$, it is done in one week, and it will allow me to travel abroad. as for me, i can tell you that i would like to travel a lot, i would like to see new countries, to study their culture. In the evenings to me to like to walk on park in our city. I always represent myself to roles of heroes of books. I think that we should value our relatives and friends, our beloved people, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow and it's very important to say the words of love to the people who are important to you, just to let this person know that you love him/her. But I with impatience will look forward to hearing from you. Info Tracer is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL, NAME or PHONE. because the beloved woman is not only a wife, but also a reliable friend, lover, mother and sister.

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