Dating houten huisje


Apart from changes in the architecture, the church became Protestant then.Until the 19th century, the church served as the burial place of many famous inhabitants.Located in the heart of the Wallen quarter (today's Red Light District), the Old Church was built around 1250 as a Catholic church.Since its inauguration in 1306 by the Bishop of Utrecht the church has been subject of many extension works, the most radical of them occurring during the Reformation of 1578.There's lots and lots of ages-old architecture in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, each century has left its unique hallmark on the city landscape. A stroll through the old city centre can be the equivalent of an introductory lesson to Dutch architecture.

Following the 1452 destructive blaze, the authorities prohibited the use of wood as a material in constructions.

However, in the old centre at Begijnhof 34, we can find the Houten Huis, the oldest wooden house dating from around 1420.

The Begijnhof complex itself dates from 1346 and was home to the Begijntjes, a community of Catholic sisters.

The New Church also hosts exhibitions and concerts throughout the year and the remembrance ceremony that precedes the commemoration of Liberation Day (May 5th).

Opening hours and entrance fees: of the 16th century architecture in Amsterdam is located in the vicinity of de Wallen.

Public dissections were performed here in the 17th century.

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