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A welcome centre have been constructed, signs in different languages along the path leading to the attraction have been placed.The property is a former colonial sugar cane plantation, built in 1760 by the french colonist Guillaume Ogier.The Citadelle Laferrière has itself become an icon of Haiti and without a doubt the most popular historical attractions in the country.Construction of the Palace started in 1810 and was completed in 1813.Abandoned in 1799 in the wake of the Haitian revolution.In 1977, the Haitian architect Gerard Fombrun discovered the ruins and consecrated his time to its full restauration. Fort Jacques, conveniently located in the town of Kenscoff, about 30 minutes from Petion-Ville, and about an hour from Port-au-Prince, is one the numerous fortresses built under the command of Haiti's father of Independence Jean Jacques Dessalines, in fear of a french invasion.

Haitian art consists of mostly visual arts, such as paintings, sculpture and drum metal sculpture, an art form endemic to the country.Bassin Zim has underwent some rehabilitation work, thanks to the current Tourism Ministry. The Citadelle Laferrière is a large mountaintop fortress located in northern Haiti, approximately 17 miles(27km) south to the city of Cap Haitien.It is the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere and was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1982; it is also considered by many to be the 8th man made wonder.It is located in the town of Milot, a few miles from the incredible and renown Citadelle Laferriere Sans-Souci above.Translated from French, Sans-souci means " Without Worry" .He is the necessary intermediary between the livings and the spiritual world, his powers are absolutely a must for any kind of interaction with the Loas.

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