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The bashful man eventually has no choice but to strip completely for the 2 women and now a bossy nurse…

PART 2: Things are going from bad to worse for boxer Danny Mc Closkey.

We continue this process until she can no longer take it, then we finish her off with a sybian ride that finishes her off and drains her pussy of every available orgasm.

Read more » Kelli Provocateur vs Cheyenne Jewel Welcome to the Summer Vengeance series Tournament on Ultimate Surrender!

His inability to control his erection has angered lifeguard Miguel and Margaret’s solution to the problem is both painful and humiliating for the macho lad.

Read more » PART 2: Sam has been captured and dragged to a cold isolated room with no windows. No one but the officers who have trapped him know he is here. It’s all down to him now and the steel of his resolve to deflect their incessant queries.

He should be psyching himself up for his championship fight, instead he is being distracted by all these women!

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The women are just starting to get into their strides and have plenty more to show these lads what it’s like to be worthless nothings…

Read more » PART 1: Two girls have entered the dressing room, ostensibly to make sure Dan is the correct weight for the fight.

They claim that he is over the limit which makes the confused fighter take off more and more clothing.

She ties up her opponents hands and makes her cum over and over and over again, just like she did during the wrestling. The loser is turned into a useless pile of weak flesh.

All her powerful muscles did her no good during the wrestling and now they do her no good in the prize round.

Kelli is a petite muscle goddess with flawless ebony skin and a sexy hot fat clit. She dominates her opponent with brutal leg holds, explosive power during sweeps and transitions, and good old fashioned school girl pinning.

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