Dating a really smart guy


Guest starring: Kyla Pratt as Lillie Simms, Richard Gant as Rev. begins to set up a campaign to run for school president, believing that it would take nothing to win. J.'s campaign flounders, he decides to have Marcus run in his place, thinking that he'd be a shoo-in to win, and then control him behind the scenes. confesses to Marcus and Mo about what he did to them -- with Marcus and Mo putting their friendship back together and T. earns a job at the company, he soon becomes a little too obsessed with it -- and ends up being given a bigger workload thanks to his co-worker Mr. abuses his power in the new position, pushing the team players a little too hard, forcing Floyd to pull T. J.'s IQ takes a dive after he's accidentally hit on the head by a couple of wood planks while helping Marcus and Mo stack some 2x4s, allowing him to act more his age. eventually reveals his intelligence is back, when he, Marcus and Mo are in danger of failing after Marcus begins to panic after he forgets the facts on his report, during the trio's oral presentation on World War II. Rawlings, Esteban Louis Powell as Clark Co-starring: Johari Johnson as Dr. However in this episode Mackey is a bully, but in all other episodes he appears in, he is shown as a sensitive nice guy who is sometimes ridiculed by his friends. They set him up with a woman named Jamie, who ends up hitting it off with Floyd -- and Yvette and Marcus (who didn't even want Floyd to be set up fearing that he won't be able to use the car on dates) like her. J., however, regrets his decision when he feels uncomfortable about Floyd and his new girlfriend's relationship, when Jamie seems to monopolize his dad's time from T. Guest starring: Jackie Mari Roberts as Jamie Co-starring: Apryl Angelique Du Pree as Alanis, Cory Hardrict as Kid, Stacy Marie Fouché as Woman T.

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In Disney Channel airings, the first commercial break appears after the scene where T. asks Marcus why he isn't given a cue to play the keyboard during rehearsal (instead of after the opening credits), and the second is played after the scene where Marcus throws T. out the band (instead of after the scene at the "Battle of the Bands", where T. J.'s creative project a mess when none of his ideas make it on and he ends up using everyone's ideas in order not to upset everyone else. J., Marcus and Mo decide to shoot a music video for their video production class, with T. J.'s inability to compromise with the other students, he decides to value the others' input, leaving T. talks with Floyd about the situation, and gives him advice that T. sends in a discussion between him, Marcus, Mo and the other project partners -- which gets them a good grade. Clendening, Jason Olive as Xavier, Amy Leland as Tammie Co-starring: Taraji P. Walsh as Mackey, Sebastian Tillinger as Terry, Charity Hill as Mia, Love Barnett as Farrah Song featured: "Don't Hate Me for Being a Dog" T. Delk begins to reprimand him due to the fact that their constant rounds of back-and-forth about various school subjects are disrupting the class from learning anything. Guest starring: Dann Florek as Coach Gerber, Liz Torres as Principal Maldonado Co-starring: Fred Applegate as Mr. Lang, Joe Colligan as Referee, Sebastian Tillinger as Terry, Jamal Hamilton as Opposing Player, Joshua Levey as Student #1, Maya Elise Goodwin as Valerie Title Reference: Above the Rim Feeling that it's time for his dad Floyd to start dating again, T. uses a computer dating service to hook Floyd up with a beautiful woman.

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