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When the modern 's predecessor comes through a rift in time, it changes things so significantly that we shift into an alternate reality where the Federation has not only been at war with the Klingon Empire for a full 20 years, they're on the losing side.The visuals of the alternate universe are great, with a more militaristic and literally darker where every crew member is armed, and bringing back Tasha Yar was a pretty brilliant touch to underline the differences between the universes.Those episodes are bad by any measure, but they're also fun to watch."The Outrageous Okona," on the other hand, is a slog.

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The second problem comes from the B-plot, where Data attempts to learn how to be funny and fails on every conceivable letter.

Instead, we got an episode where Deanna Troi was impregnated by an alien being without her consent, and is then just totally fine with it afterwards.

There's something pretty insightful about the scene where a bunch of dudes (and, to be fair, one android) sit around debating about what they're going to do with Deanna's pregnancy without even bothering to ask her, but it's also part of a distressingly common sci-fi narrative about women being forcibly impregnated by aliens. No recurring character on the show has a better track record than Lieutenant Junior Grade Reginald Barclay.

Compared to them, "perfectly fine" just sucks, so it's no wonder that he winds up making a video game about how much he hates all his coworkers.

Believe me when I tell you that there is a whole lot of holodeck-based storytelling throughout from the beginning, but they've rarely been done better than they are here, if only because this one shows some pretty dire consequences to events not working out the way they're used to.

So if that's what you mean by "pretty into it," then yes. But while I consider it to be one of the most endlessly rewatchable television shows ever made, I'll admit that with 178 episodes spread over 7 seasons, there are some pretty rough ones in there — like, say, most of the first two seasons.

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