Costa rican dating customs


Multicultural and Diverse Society Costa Rica is a country that is very multicultural.Although the majority of people are white or mestizo, there is also a sizeable Afro-Caribbean population, European population, Asian population, and North American population.Other forms of immigration have brought people from all over the world to San José for work opportunities.By and large, Costa Ricans have welcomed the influx of foreigners into the country, however xenofobia and racism still are present.Pura Vida The term "Pura Vida", or pure life, is a phrase that truly embodies the Costa Rican (Tico) way of living.As a term that Ticos use day in day out, it is a constant feature in both the spoken language and every day life of Ticos.There is a national fútbol league which Ticos follow very closely.In Heredia, you can watch the city's fútbol team, Club Sport Herediano, take on their big rivals.

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They relax and they enjoy the little things that life gives them, while taking full advantage of the beautiful place they live.Ticos are very vocal in letting you know this fact, and because of this, peaceful conflict negotiation is very highly regarded.Furthermore, they take great pride in the fact that their country is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world and has a spectactular record for conservation of its natural wonders and resources.Ticos value family above all else and extended families tend to live very close together and see eachother at least once a week.It is very common in Costa Rica to have children, in their late 20's and early 30's, living at home.Religion Costa Rica is not a vehemently religious country, unlike a lot of Latin American countries.

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