Christian matriarchal dating


Why is no concern raised over the possibility that a non-Israelite woman will turn “your son” away?

Presumably, traditional interpretations suppose, because the child of an Israelite man and non-Israelite woman is not “your son”–that is, is not Jewish to begin with.

This inequity arguably discriminates against Jewish women more than against Jewish men, because it denies Jewish women equal responsibility to choose a Jewish spouse.

Read in their historical context, however, these verses in Deuteronomy almost certainly do not have this meaning.

In the ancient Near East, religion was not a matter of private devotion but of tribal identity.

This is not a particularly common argument for retaining matrilineal descent, but I choose to address it here because it has been raised by, among others, Judith Hauptmann, a Talmud scholar widely known for her work in advancing feminist scholarship of Judaism Hauptmann proceeds to argue that the modern Jewish community should not rescind matrilineal descent because doing so would have the effect of removing a punishment against Jewish men who intermarry.

This argument is, at its core, nothing but pure sexism.

Having majored in religion in college, I have had the opportunity to examine the sources of matrilineal descent in Judaism in a way that few other patrilineal Jews have.

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