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Listen game developers pls fix this or else ppl will just end up deleting this game..3 stars: Bummed! (Guessing it was code.) I had to close game and restart.The problem is it never saved any of my progress and took me back to the beginning. THIS GAME SHOULD BE NAMED ANGELO RULES CRAZY GAME.3 stars: Good and funny - But it takes alot of LOADING i was bored i have some things to do than playing this game why sheroot and lola takes alot to go to angelo why the game restarts from the begening why EVERY THING 😡😡4 stars: It is AWESOME - It is really nice and everything but, i have 2 problems: 1- It keeps on freezing while Angelo and Lola are talking. when it freezes I get so mad -_- And the same for not saving the game...You don't want to work, and you're looking for a sugar daddy or mama to support a rich, lavish lifestyle? ) Well, man, woman or transgender, if you want to use the Internet as a way to chat, find casual sex dates locally in your area and have a good time, you’ll likely want to know what I have to say.These are the best platforms out there for meeting sexy singles, couples or that someone special for a long-term love relationship after they proved themselves in the sack! I've had many relationships, fucked a lot of (ugly) girls in orgies, and I have lots of experience with many of these (free) adult dating sites. Hey, it may sound expensive, but I guarantee you that you'll be able to get any slut that you want, if they see you arrive in a supercar.Over it.3 stars: - Actually I enjoyed the game but when its time for Lola's turn some sort of code appears and Angelo disappear. But it will be the BEST GAME EVER if you fix please :3 And by the way I will change to 5 stars when you fix the game.Byeee ^-^2 stars: Black screen glitch - I gave it a 2 star because of this, Im rlly waiting ...

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Once you have joined Cougar Passions, you will have the option to upgrade to ‘Network Wide Access’, which would give you access to any of the other sites within Passions Network, if you are interested. You will find a brief description of the site & chat.

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