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These dealt with cutting edge developments in medicine and provided hands on learning with new technology as well as question-and-answer sessions among faculty and participants. The sessions, attended by more than 500 individuals were taught by physicians and researchers in their fields who were chosen for their ability to make the technical language of medicine understandable to the non-medical public and who volunteered their time.The objectives of the program were to assist participants to develop understanding of the following: 1) The primary care mission of the University; 2) the disease and health conditions especially prevalent in the region; 3) the growing emphasis in medicine on health improvement and disease prevention; and, 4) the importance of research in improving health care.

The Mini-Med school is designed to foster a better understanding of the role medical school and related programs such as Nursing and Allied Health, plays in its community.This multi-session education experience introduces members of the general public to academic and professional experiences of a medical education, and includes an interactive health fair session.The health fair session relies on the collaboration of multiple health professions – medicine, nursing and dietetics, thus promoting faculty and students from these health professions to engage in dialogue, training and interaction with each other and the community participants.The program also demonstrated some of its treatments and telemedicine, along with lower technology training of students using standardized patients.Integral to the programming was an interactive activity during each session.2nd phone of equal or lesser value & of same manufacturer: up to 9.99 promo credit applied to account over 24 mos w/in 1–2 billing cycles; promo credit ends when balance paid or line terminated/transferred; 0% APR. Up to 0 device payment purchase per device req’d.

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