Breaking up after 7 years dating


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Once, a child has obtained closeness and attachment by his early caregivers, he or she is able to develop autonomy and identity.

If children have not introjected the good and protective qualities of their parents, they will fear separation and break-ups.

While the negative symptoms observed may not necessarily fit the definitions of post-traumatic stress as described by the DSM-IV from the American Psychiatric Association, there are some certain symptoms that mirror those from extreme traumatic events and disasters in a person’s life.

However, not all individuals are exposed to the same level of impact following a breakup, as a result of several mitigating factors based on the quality of the relationship before the dissolution takes place.

The extent of these grief reactions is not limited to the time frame immediately following the dissolution of the romantic relationship.

In addition to these specific negative effects, individuals who are suffering through a breakup report a general decline in their psychological well-being.

The general negative emotion that they feel often triggers other behaviors and habits that are either detrimental to their mental health or signify poor mental health conditions.

These include psychological distress symptoms, grief reactions, an overall decline of psychological well-being, and potential stalking behaviors.

Individuals often work hard to keep their relationships intact because of how significantly distressing and problematic these negative effects can be, even in the face of potential complications in their relationship, for as long as they can bear it.

This behavior stems from an unhappiness with the circumstances following the dissolution of the relationship, as well as a misguided belief that the stalking behavior may result in the reforming of the relationship.

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