Blind dating lt btg


In the following I installed boost 1.33.1 from source in my home directory (I used the prefix "~/boost-1.33.1".).The configure script reads a number of enviroment variables.Enter the password on stdin, then you should get an OK and you are done.Make sure you create all the directories before you start the daemon.

To stop the daemon just issue If you activated sessionsaving all sessions & torrents will be saved when a SIGINT (ctrl-c if you run in foreground) or SIGTERM (default kill signal) is received.

Therefore one should use btgpasswd to add the contents of the passwd file.

Use the --create parameter to create a new password file, if it doesnt exist.

They will be written in the directory in which btg-config was executed.

btg-config will not create a passwd file, only add an entry to the configuration file about where to find it.

Configuring www BTG: The easiest way to access www BTG is to create a symlink from your webservers document root to PREFIX/share/wwwbtg/htdocs (see Installation).

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