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Fatima Abid, the general secretary of Manchester's SU (inset) tweeted: 'Today, as a team we removed an imperialist's work from the walls of our union and replaced them with the words of Maya Angelou- God knows black and brown voices have been written out of history enough, and it's time we try to reverse that, at the very least in our union.' Upmarket British fashion label Burberry has destroyed more than £28 million in unwanted products this year, amid a continued downturn in sales it has emerged.High-end clothing brand, known for it's £1,450 trench coats and checked design, has seen the value of its waste rise by 50 per cent in two years in a worrying trend.Getaway traffic will peak on Friday as 3.8million drivers making day trips or driving to holiday destinations battle for road space with regular commuters.Conman Anthony Kemp clinks glasses (right) as he lives a luxury life won from tricking elderly victims out of £8 million.Among her impressive holiday portfolio are photos taken along the picturesque Italian coastline, and her rugged up during a visit to the rocky mountains where hot air balloons can be seen floating through the sky in the background (bottom right).In one snap, Ms Donovan enjoys a glass of wine from an idyllic lakeside establishment in Prague (main), she wears a dress and fascinator for what appears to be an outing at the horse races with some of her girlfriends in another (left), and also enjoys a girls trip to New York (top right).The trust spent about £500,000 on interim chief operating officers to cover for him since May 2015.

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It comes a more than nine million people are expected to take to the roads on leisure trips between Friday and Sunday as the school holidays begin, the RAC said.

More than £90 million of Burberry products have been destroyed over the past five years figures reveal, leaving unhappy shareholders to question why there were not offered the products as private investors.

Burberry, valued at around £9.6 billion by Forbes magazine, admit they burn unsold stock but say they worth with specialist incinerators to harness the energy produced. Roxanne Pallett was airlifted to hospital after a horror car crash saw her pass out and have to be cut out of the car wreckage on Wednesday.

But the Australian national, who now lives in London, says she's found it difficult to save for a house on her 2,200 annual income, despite being able to set aside more than 0 a month just for holidays.

The 29-year-old's social media accounts are awash with lavish getaway snaps, including her atop rock formations in Goreme, Turkey, and aboard the back of a jet boat with friends.

Students at the University of Manchester have painted over the famous Rudyard Kipling (inset) poem 'If' because he stands for the 'opposite of liberation, empowerment and human rights'.

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