Arab chat shosar


Being in samsara, we are subjected to and influenced by certain rules that are not within our control, such as getting a visa for one’s pilgrimage or travels, building approvals, red tape with approvals for projects from government departments and many other related issues.

Instead, he would look to benefit practitioners on the spiritual path.This is one of the reasons I like gifting his holy image to others, especially to my Hindu friends.In this post, I would like to share a short prayer or sadhana to the Buddha Ganapati.You do not need any initiation or permission to start this practice.If you are in need of his spiritual assistance, you can add his prayer to your existing sadhana.It is for this reason that the Buddhas manifest in various forms with different functions to help us avert these obstacles in our spiritual path, and one such enlightened deity is known as Ganapati.

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