Angola sex


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Condoms compulsory Back at Berlita, Manel says that he supports the Red Cross programme: "Here, arms are prohibited and condoms are mandatory." Manel sits near the door leading from the bar to the rooms, handing out Red Cross condoms and receiving money.

Since 2001, when Angola' s long civil war ended, many people from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo have arrived in Cabinda, Evaristo Lucas Kanica, the coordinator of a Red Cross AIDS-prevention programme, told IRIN/Plus News.

Cabinda's Comandante Jika neighbourhood is home to the famous bar and brothel Berlita, named after its late owner, a former sex worker who became rich and married.

"Soldiers are based here for two months, they go on leave to enjoy life, go to bars and only leave when they've run out of money." In three months, young women can save as much as US0 – a huge sum in their countries. Most are single, but often they get themselves an Angolan boyfriend to help them spend money.

Police also make them spend money, harassing them over expired visas.

In other places, says Kanica, sex with a condom costs one thousand kwanzas (US), and two thousand (US) without.

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