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i told him that wasn’t really an answer to my question, and asked if he could look into it for me.

we were looking to do something with the mountain of dirt that was left behind, and after pricing out sod to replace the lawn (because, we would replace the lawn- what other choice was there? as i looked through more and more gardening books in the library to get landscaping ideas, i kept coming back to the idea of a vegetable garden.

they say that for a reason.” he told me that the city loved when people fought stuff, because it gave them more money in fines.

that was sure food for thought, but i really thought i was in the right.

underneath was written in “no vegitibles (sic) allowed in front yard”.

since the code they cited didn’t actually say anything at all about not having vegetables in the front yard, i was left thinking that they took a pretty broad and unwarranted interpretation of that code, and that i had no reason to worry. but the ticket also had a court date on it, so i started a blog asking for friends to pass it on, trying to find other people who may have had a similar fight with their own cities over similar issues.

A few states do not charge entry fees to their state parks and thus do not offer an entrance pass.

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