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( 2m 59s ) sue: yes i am asking my neighbors ( 4m 7s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.

Is this the best email address where we can send notification, m- – – – – –

( 7m 23s ) sue: i think it is a test for a survey ( 7m 58s ) sue: – – – – – – – – st p- – – – – mo 64- – – – ( 8m 7s ) sue: 816- – – – – – ( 8m 16s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.

Can you give me a short description or the content of the package, please?

Each unit has a doorbell with is clearly marked with unit number.

Entry into building is impossible without ringing the apartment number doorbell.

that makes me think if you report a lost package THEY DO NOT GIVE A RATS A** if you never get it. ( 17s ) sue: where is my package ( 25s ) Ma Lejani C: I received your inquiry. I regret any inconvenience you experienced as a result of this situation. ( 29s ) sue: 73721088- – – ( 33s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.

Chat Reference Number : 14201529 Inquiry Description : i did not get my package Chat Started: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, (-0500)Chat Origin: VA US DOMAgent Ma Lejani C( 1s ) Ma Lejani C: Hello, sue. ( 1m 11s ) sue: 737210880- – – – ( 1m 18s ) Ma Lejani C: Our records indicate that this package has been delivered today June 26,2018 at PM and was left at the front door at the address indicated on the label.

( 9m 35s ) Ma Lejani C: I am sorry but I need the content of the package for me to be able to process a case.

( 6m 24s ) sue: yes, so far my neighbor do not have it ( 6m 59s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.

( 7m 10s ) Ma Lejani C: For verification process, may I have your phone number and complete address?

( 4m 18s ) sue: yes ( 5m 49s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.

( 6m 2s ) Ma Lejani C: Can you give me a short description or the content of the package, please?

Fed Ex purchases The Flying Tigers in 1989 to expand their international capabilities. Tagged as: fed ex corporate office, federal express corporate office, fedex corporate address, fedex corporate headquarters, fedex corporate office, fedex corporate office address, fedex corporate office email address, fedex corporate office phone number, Fed Ex customer complaints, fedex main office I need help. When I looked up the tracking number, it said that my package was delivered to and signed for by me. When I called Fed Ex to correct them, I was called a liar, and my integrity was questioned.

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