2016 black boyfriend dating lip

Pancakes– a good nickname for a guy who is just so sweet and adorable.Cuddle Cakes– If you guy is sweet and cuddly, you should definitely use this one.Mustard – A cool name for a guy who is both sweet and sour.Peaches- Peaches sounds sweet and is actually meant for a sweet lady.Butterscotch– cool nickname for a sweet African-American boy.

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Cuddle Cakes– for a guy who is huggable and too sweet to be true.Apple– if your guy is extremely precious to you, this serves as a cute name.Honey Buns– For a man who is extremely sweet and tempting.Snuggle Muffin– Does your guy love snuggling with you?Stud– an extremely sexy guy who turns tons of head every day.Cherry– this is for a guy who drop dead gorgeous yet looks innocent.

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