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There is another that visually and numerically shows the influence of speaker and listener positions thanks to Thomas Barefoot.

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I think I can safely assume it is very simple to use and powerful, built for purpose. In Bob Golds, I am still not sure what the green negative means. Certainly yellow and red are warnings, so thats easy.Speaker and listener positions are best tweaked using Fuzz Measure, ETF, REW. Throwing some absorbers in corners and on walls may improve a room but you won't know how or why, or whether or not the room could be even better. I plan on making a wide sweep of the room the way it is to get an idea of what's going on. However, you will not see a noticeable change in the curves with the addition of each trap. what should be the spacing between the mode frequencies? Basically you are only interested with the frequencies that function as waves and your room size will dictate how far up the spectrum they go.I'll then re-test after adding each stage of treatment to see where I'm going. You will see a difference when you do something big, say two corners, floor to ceiling. Play a sine of each in your room, tweak the frequency slightly. Move about, to the back, up to the ceiling, to the corners. This will show you where the trapping should be and why you need so much. I know it's supposed to be even throughout, but at what point does one consider a frequency spacing to be an issue You should get support for all the frequencies in the musical scale... Just make sure you understand what it does before you blindly trust it.What it is doing in this example is multiplying the original number by 0.05 and then adding the result onto the original number.So the effects of those boundaries cannot be accounted for.

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